There’s Babypalooza Again!

I’ve got a little secret to tell. I’m a sucker for bazaars. Baby bazaars at that. This has mellowed down a bit now because my 2 adorable sweeties are no longer “babies” by Merriam-Webster definition. But back when they were cuddly small, I always made sure I know when and where the latest baby bazaar in town is going to take place to buy “cute and functional” stuff for them. Thank you Google and Facebook and my research skills I’m putting into good practice for motherhood. :p Then I would drag plead, with batting eyelashes, my husband, who hates baby bazaars, to come with me (well, to drive me really 😀 ) and check out the bazaar where ever part of Metro Manila it would be.

One of the baby bazaars I was able to convince Daddy J (using my charm 😉 ) to visit was the Babypalooza Bazaar back in August 2013. It’s a bazaar showcasing pre-loved and brand new products for babies, young kids and pregnant moms perfect for economical moms and dads. With a 2.5 year-old boy and a 4-month old girl in tow, we braved the rainy and cool Saturday weather and drove down to Ateneo where the bazaar was held and went home with some loots of clothes and hair trinkets for the Big Boy and the Little Princess. 🙂 Happy mommy me! 😀

And guess what? I learned from one of my mommy groups on Facebook that the Babypalooza Bazaar is back this April 25! 🙂 I haven’t been to a baby bazaar for quite a time so I think this is a perfect timing. 😉

The Babypalooza Bazaar will be held still at the Walter Hogan Center in Ateneo de Manila, Quezon City from 10am-7pm. The selling hall is air-conditioned so summer shopping would be cool. Literally. 🙂



Baby gears too bulky for the main selling area so they’re waving “Hi!” from outside instead.

There’s also an air-conditioned Babypalooza Family Room where daddies, who gets bored with shopping, and their kids, who don’t care about shopping, can hangout and play at the Vivre Fort play area. 🙂 Daddy J would love this place. 😀


And oh, there’s a designated breastfeeding area at the Babypalooza Family Room! I love it! 🙂 And a separate area for diaper changes.

And because the best things in life are FREE, entrance to the bazaar in both the selling hall and the Babypalooza Family Room is FREE for all visitors! Just like the last time I attended, there will also be freebies (while supplies last) upon registration. Another FREE! Parking! 🙂 I’m sure husbands of mommies who will attend will appreciate it especially if they’re like Daddy J who gets dragged by their wives. Hehe!

But wait, there’s more! 😉 For a minimum total spend of P1,000, you will get a chance to win a prize from the Babypalooza Rewards Corner. Freebies and prizes! Alright! 🙂

Thinking of doing some baby shopping now? You can pre-register here so you can already go straight to your business of shopping when you get there. 🙂

And this one I like. If you experience some epidural moments like me and tend to forget a scheduled appointment, you can sign up for their Mommy Minder service where they will send you an SMS or an email a few days before the event as a reminder. Daddy J and I need this. Especially Daddy J who I suspect intentionally forgets my baby bazaar appointments with him. 😀 (Is there a Daddy Minder? 😀 )

If you want to get updates on the event and join giveaways, follow the Babypalooza Bazaar on Facebook,

Babypalooza Bazaar

April 25, 2015, 10 am to 7 pm
Walter Hogan Conference Center, Ateneo de Manila University, QC
(Click here for the directions)
FREE entrance and parking

Contact Numbers:  0917 609 1472 / 0917 814 8447

Okay, mommies (and daddies/lolos/lolas/titos/titas, too!), mark your calendars now! And prepare your or your husbands’ wallets! 😉


Product Review: GIGA Tea Tree Cream

If there’s one thing I really hate when it comes to my kids, it’s the pesky mosquito bites! Imagine those reddish, inflamed spots on their arms and legs that leave marks after some time. Arrgggh! Or worse, scars because my kids scratch those annoyingly itchy bites that they have mastered when they became toddlers.

So I searched high and low for a perfect solution to insect bites so that my poor little babies won’t have to suffer from itchiness and eventually marks and scars. I’ve tried the liquid format and the stick and they worked at first but later on lost its effectiveness.

Until one day, I passed by the GIGA kiosk at Robinsons Galleria to buy their insect repellent and got curious with their range of natural products. (Btw, just found out that GIGA stands for “God Is Good! Always”. I love the brand name! 🙂 ) Then I encountered the GIGA Tea Tree Cream. It is used to soothe insect bites and minor cuts and is made of natural ingredients like VCO, Beeswax, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil and Aloe Vera Extract. It has no petroleum products and parabens which are not safe for babies.

GIGA Tea Tree Cream comes 2 sizes: a small 10g tub that costs around P95 and a bigger 60g tub at P540 if I’m not mistaken. Though I remember the first time I bought it, I think it was available only in the small size.

The cream has a pleasant scent of lavender and aloe vera which I love. It’s oily but not sticky and the greasy feel can easily be washed or wiped off. It is smooth to apply and glides softly in the skin.


Come product testing time. The Big Boy was around 2 years old when we first tried this product. He got a fresh mosquito bite that turned into a weal or pantal. I applied a small amount of the Tea Tree Cream on the bite and after about a minute, the pantal flattened to my surprise and the Big Boy didn’t scratch it! Amazing! 😀 It has to be re-applied though because I notice it wears off from the skin after a while. So I need to put on some cream whenever I see the Big Boy beginning to scratch a mosquito bite. Also there was no round dark spot left by the bite on the Big Boy’s skin unlike when we didn’t apply anything and just leave the pantal ’till it goes away.

I also tried it on myself when I got a mosquito bite and it indeed worked wonders! It has a soothing effect that would prevent you from scratching.

Knowing the amazing power of this product, I now use it with the Little Princess as well. The kids are not “scar or scratch-free” though as there are instances when they have already enjoyed scratching an insect especially the annoying mosquito bite before we notice and rub in some cream but at least we now have a scratch-fighting solution. 🙂

Now, even the Big Boy already knows the product to look for when something is itchy. He would say, “Mommy, cream!” While the Little Princess would show any part of her body and ask us to apply the cream whenever she sees this small round tub even if she doesn’t have a mosquito bite. 😀 It’s now a staple in our home and the Big Boy’s school bag. This together with GIGA Baby Insect Repellent Spray and Moskishield, Smart Steps or Bite Block mosquito patches is our total anti-mosquito solution. 🙂

Because of the Tea Tree Cream, I also tried and now use other GIGA products like the Baby Cold Rub, Baby Balm and Massage Rub Cream. I’ve fallen in love with their products! 😀 I’ll try to post reviews of their products that I have tried especially the the Insect Repellent Spray which is one of our faves. 🙂

GIGA products can be bought from kiosks of malls below (got this from their Facebook page). What I have visited so far are their Galleria and Megamall outlets but good thing they are distributed in malls from north to south.

  • Fashion Village, Tiendesitas
  • Robinsons Galleria
  • Robinsons Magnolia
  • Ronibsons Place Manila
  • SM Dasmarinas
  • SM City Cebu
  • SM Megamall
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • Vmall, Greenhills Shopping Center
  • Shoppesville, Greenhills Shopping Center
  • Lucky Chinatown Mall
  • Landmark Makati
  • Landmark Trinoma
  • Wellworth Department Store, Fairview Terraces
  • SM Aura Premier Supermarket

Other GIGA products can be found at their website

When a Bored Mommy Blogger Scores Some Garage Sale Loots

Two weeks ago, the village where we live in had a 2-Day Garage Sale to raise funds for the upcoming Halloween and Christmas activities in our community. The “bazaaristas” were the home owners themselves who unearthed all their rummage-ables and put them up for sale – clothes, shoes, baby items, home decors, books, gadgets, and plenty of other items. We were supposed to join the bazaar, too to free up some of our closet and storage spaces but we had no time to go over all our things and sort which ones we would like to let go so we just went there as curious customers.

Hubby and I happily bargained some clothes. He got 2 branded longsleeve polos in excellently used condition for I think P200 each (Sorry I no longer bothered to inspect his loots and take some pictures 😀 ). I, on the other hand, bought these all for P650 pesos only! (I was so happy and excited with my loots so I took pictures! 😀 )



Light Gray, Banana Republic (according to the seller) at P150; Stretchy blue and white stripes, China brand at P75; Moss green floral in courdoroy-like fabric, Essenxa at P75

And tops and a skirt!


Floral skirt at P50; Light blue Kamiseta collared top at P50; Black printed longsleeves at P50; Brand new Bangkok checkered polo at P200

Great steal, right? 🙂

I actually wanted to buy a pair of slightly used original Converse Chucks hi-cut in blue for Joshua at a very bargain price of only P250(!!!) but I didn’t have enough money in my wallet. Hehe! Sayang! 😦

Anyhow, I’m personally not really finicky when it comes to buying and using pre-loved items for myself specially clothes. One, it helps me save up on clothing particularly if I’m on a budget and I need to upgrade my wardrobe. I get to have nice-looking tops, blazers or pants suited to my taste without spending too much. My kuripot mantra is “Nasa nagdadala lang yan” which I also apply in buying unbranded clothes. 🙂 Two, I know there are people who have hygienic issues with using second-hand items but for me, I don’t mind. Haha! I’m jologs like that. Hehe! Seriously, I think it’s a matter of preference and that is not too much of a concern for me because I can wash the clothes thoroughly to make them fresh and clean anyway.

But I have particular preference when it comes to where I will buy pre-loved, clothes in particular. I choose to buy from the owner herself or at least someone who knows the owner of the items rather than the ukay-ukay stores where everything is “dumped” and you don’t know where the clothes came from. I’ve heard stories that some ukay-ukay clothes were owned by people who have already passed away and they make paramdam (coño levels! Haha!) to the new owners of their clothes. I think it’s Kris Aquino who told that creepy story. Scary! Hehe! I’m not closing my doors on ukay-ukay though and I think I can try scouring through racks after racks and piles after piles of clothes specially the ones that are rare to find or are overly expensive when bought from the mall like winter clothes. And maybe I can score a number of pretty dresses, tops and bottoms for just P100!

To make this post a little worthwhile, here are some tips on buying items from rummage sales based on the experience of a non-expert in getting the best ukay or pre-loved buys in town who just wants to share something 🙂 :

  1. Bring with you loads of patience in digging through heaps of clothes because you won’t know the golden treasure called a nice piece of clothing at a very cheap price is buried underneath.
  2. Get ready to get sweaty. All for some cheap treats! 😀
  3. Thoroughly inspect first the items you are buying just like in any other purchases that you make. But since they are pre-loved, it’s highly probable that the items you are eyeing would have stains, holes and other signs of wear and tear. However, if you really like the item, you can use its weaknesses to negotiate for a lower cost! 🙂
  4. Make tawad (forgive my coño-ness, please. haha!). Use your charm (batt your eyelashes if needed 😀 ) and ask for a discount. Apply your divisoria or tiangge haggling skills especially when you are buying more than one item. 😉
  5. Visit the garage sale on the last day towards its closing. Chances are the sellers will mark down their items just to let go of them. 😉
  6. If you want to try on the clothes you want to buy, go to the bazaar in your most scruffy look — not fresh and clean unless you want all the dirt to stick to your newly scrubbed skin. 😀 Just schedule your shower after going to the bazaar. 😀 (I’m not making sense anymore, I know. haha!)

That’s all folks! 🙂