The Little Princess’ Frozen-Themed 2nd Birthday

I promised I’d share with you about the Little Princess’ Frozen party so here I am fulfilling my promise. 😉 But allow me to be a bit nostalgic first…

Can you believe this little angel has already turned 2? Awww, how time flies!


She was just a tiny fragile always-sleeping cutie patootie 2 years ago and now, she is already a strong-willed but absolutely sweet and talkative li’l girl running around our house. Our breath of fresh air from a tiring day of work and our ray of sunshine when things don’t seem to go well, along with her Kuya.

And you know what? This Little Princess of mine loves to sing and dance just like her mom! ;)(Hubby won’t contest, I assure you. 😉 ) Whenever she hears a music play, especially an upbeat or a familiar one, she would wiggle her hips and dance away! Or sing to the tune like a diva. Or do both at the same time. 😉 She’s a natural entertainer! 🙂

Among her favorite songs are from Hi5 and boy, she loves this show so much! If it’s Hi5 time, she would drop her toys and go in front of our TV to watch intently. And once the songs have started, she would sing and dance her heart out and would sometimes invite me or her dad to join her. 😀 She knows how to sing the songs and perform the steps. 🙂

Another favorite of hers is Frozen. Who doesn’t like Frozen among kids, by the way? 😀 She sings the songs with much emotion, brows furrowed (haha!) and have memorized even the speaking lines on the song “Love is an Open Door”. Her love for this movie was influenced by no other than her dad. Haha! So I therefore conclude that it’s her dad who really likes Frozen. LOL! 😀

For the Little Princess’ 2nd birthday, I was having a dilemma which of the two, Hi5 and Frozen will be the theme for her simple party. (I know, mommy problems. 😀 ) So I asked hubby and you now know why we ended up using Frozen. Hahaha! 🙂

As always, the Little Princess’ 2nd party was full of my labor of love. 🙂 I started working full time on the decors the night before her birthday barely getting some sleep until the afternoon before her dinner party. I thought I was doing a paperwork again, except that I super enjoyed doing party stuff and it was less stressful mentally. 🙂

Yup, I took a leave on the date of my Little Princess’ birthday  in the middle of my super duper busy work schedule that week, of course, to spend this special day with her. My children’s birthdays have always been a priority for me and I always take the day off from work no matter how busy I am, to be with them on their special days. Because hey, these special occasions only happen once a year and the same birthday would never happen again and I don’t want to look back one day and regret that I wasn’t with them during these memorable days in their lives. Time flies and I’m pretty sure, in a blink of an eye, they are all grown ups. Must cherish the moment!

Going back to the party preps, I decided to just use Elsa and the blue and white colors as the inspiration to make my life easier. Haha! Kidding. 🙂 I love the blue color, basically. 🙂 I only had an imaginary moodboard which I envisioned to be something fancy, magical and of course, princess-y — hanging snowflakes, castle background, some balloons, birthday banner, patterns and doilies. With the help from Google and Pinterest, I came up with this. Tadaaaa! 🙂


First things first — the cake.  Where else will I order but from Nadine of Swirls N’ Sprinkles! 🙂 As expected, she delivered the design I wanted, an Elsa doll cake. 🙂 She had a little lapse though as she thought I ordered chocolate cake instead of red velvet. It was forgiveable because I also like her chocolate cake. 🙂 The cake stand is my signature DIY:  2 shoe boxes wrapped in nice gift wrapper, usually matching the birthday banner. 🙂


Speaking of the birthday banner, I DIYed it, like I always do, using a nice printed gift wrapper in white, light blue and gray that fit perfectly with the theme. But since I just did it the night before, I decided to just print the text in a bond paper to save time and pasted it on a blue paper instead of my usual tracing-cutting-pasting approach. 😀 Hubby’s compass cutter (that’s what I call it) also helped in speeding up my process of creating the birthday banner.


Off to the decor and other DIYs.

I manually made snowflakes in different sizes out of white bond papers. (Pinterest has a lot of tutorials and design ideas to offer). It was fun to do as you get to be creative and imaginative on how you want your snowflakes to look like but the finger sore I got from cutting them was not fun at all. I realized after finishing everything that the culprit for my aching fingers was my ignorance on how thick I should fold the papers. Not too much next time. Haha! 😀

While I was physically suffering from cutting the snowflakes and mentally challenged in designing them, I asked our helper to air the metallic white and baby blue balloons I got from where else, Celebrations Party Central in SM Megamall. 🙂 Using a leftover crochet thread from the Big Boy’s rocket-themed party, we tied the balloons with around 2 to 2 1/2 feet strings then taped the snowflakes on the other end of the strings. Since the balloons don’t have helium, I hung them by taping the top to the ceiling. 😀 There goes my hanging balloons and snowflakes. 🙂

I also recycled the white hanging paper lanterns we used during the Little Princess’ Sofia the First birthday party last year to add prettiness to the overall design along with the light blue paper medallion I bought also at Celebrations Party Central.


For the backdrop, I was imagining a regular brick castle but as I browsed the Internet for patterns, I thankfully found a Frozen castle image. I drew the pattern on the blue cartolina, cut it and taped it on the wall.  I then put a cut white paper to serve as the castle’s door.

To complete the backdrop’s look,  I attached the birthday banner and added some more snowflakes in different sizes.  I love how the print of the birthday banner popped against the blue castle. Perfect! 🙂 I also prettified the awkward edges of the birthday banner by covering them with snowflakes. The number 2 mylar balloon and Olaf were the final additions. 🙂

Next is the table which was a bit challenging because I had no idea how I was going to arrange everything. What I did was I first covered our table with a blue Geena cloth I got fromCotton Touch for P30/yard. I DIYed a table runner out of the white blanket I used at the Big Boy’s rocket party. Look at how the table runner seemed to serve as a pathway to the castle. I loved it! 🙂 I purposely placed the Elsa cake beside the castle door as if she was inviting everyone to come inside the castle. I loved it, too! 🙂


For a princess-y, sophisticated look, I bought some paper doilies also at Celebrations Party Central which served as our placemat.  I also bought the light blue paper cups, paper plates and paper straws at the same party supplies shop.  The snowflakes papercup I fortunately found at Robinson’s Supermarket. The wooden spoons and forks which were excesses from the rocket party were prettified with some blue washi tape. Our mason jars had special participation once again as our reliable utensil holders as well as the blue plates from the Big Boy’s Superman party. 🙂

The food were also product of our labor of love. I personally cooked the pasta using my tried and tested recipe (as if! hahaha!) while I asked the help of our helper in preparing the rest of the dishes: chicken barbeque, fish fillet, taco, hotdog on stick with marshmallows and fruits as I had become busy prepping the table. There was no candy station but I added some knick-knacks like biscuits, wafer sticks and chocolates on the table for the kids (and the adults, too 🙂 ) to enjoy.

A Frozen party in a summer season wouldn’t be complete without an ice cream! No picture though because it was in the freezer but you will note the sugar cones in a jar displayed on the table in other photos. 😉


Lastly, all of us, especially the birthday girl, needed to blend with the theme so I bought the Little Princess an Elsa sleeveless top from Robinson’s Department Store and matched it with her white skater skirt. And her cloth diaper was in Frozen print, too! Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo of it in action but here’s how it looks like.  It has a matching dress which she wore the same day before we changed her into her birthday outfit. 🙂


Frozen themed matching hybrid fitted cloth diaper, dress and headband from PooppeeTrap 🙂


On the other hand, Daddy J, the Big Boy and I wore shirts in blue and white. 🙂


The Little Princess totally enjoyed her simple party especially when she saw the Elsa cake. We also played the movie Frozen much to her delight! All the efforts paid off! 😉

Looking forward to more birthdays with this sweetie pie! 🙂


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