I’m Back!

Yes, I am from my 4-day out-of-town fieldwork and from all my crazy-busyness prior to that. Whew! I missed my blabbering world! But even if my full schedule has loosened up a bit, I’m still getting back on track when it comes to blogging because I’ve got a lot of backlogs I don’t know where to start! 😀

While I’m still processing things, let me just give a quick rundown of my eventful April-May, I dub as #aMAYzingrace (sorry I really have to use this hashtag. haha!):

April: The Little Princess’ 2nd Birthday

My baby girl is now 2! Wait, what?! She’s 2 already?! Where has time gone?! Anyhow, to celebrate my Little Princess’ terrific twos, I prepared a simple Frozen themed party at home amid my super duper busy work schedule thereby sucking the remaining energy left in my body that week. 😀 I posted a photo on my Instagram and as I mentioned in the caption, I still owe a post on this. Long overdue, I know. 😦

May 1-3: Family Out-of-Town Trip at Hundred Islands

We took advantage of the long Labor Day weekend break to have some beach time and get all tanned at Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan. The kids enjoyed the beach so much with the proof of the fun they had still evident on their skin until now. 😀 Ebony and ivory combined. 😀


May 6-8: Fieldwork in Naga City

Three days of out-of-office work going house-to-house observing research interviews and more interestingly, people’s culture and way of life, under the scorching heat of the sun. I kidded my colleague, “Why do we have to go through this all these again?” Hahaha! Also did some office work at night until the wee hours to finish a report. I thought I was back in college. Or my research agency days. Crazy.

And to compensate for that physically and mentally tiring business trip, I got to taste Naga City’s famous Sili Ice Cream from 1st Colonial Grill! 🙂 I didn’t like how the spicyness of the sili gets stuck in my throat though but the other unique flavors were so hmmmmm  delicious and refreshing! 🙂

May 10: Mother’s Day Celebration

I was so looking forward to the weekend of Mother’s Day to relax from all the stress of that week so I hinted my husband to bring me and the kids out on this day. I would have preferred a spa or salon time all by myself but I wanted to spend the day with the kids and hubby so we went to Active Fun at Boni High Street and had early dinner at IHOP. I felt exhausted physically but the joy of being with my family on this special day took away all the tiredness. And for some treat for me, Daddy J bought me 2 bags from Cole Vintage at a booth in BHS. Happiness because they were on sale! 😀

May 15-16: Department Summer Outing

Our “sorority” (because we are an all-ladies department 😀 ) had an overnight summer outing/team building at La Luz Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas. We had fun being together beyond the walls of our office room and just enjoying the sun, sea and sand. 🙂 Afterwhich we had a sumptuous lunch at a beautiful, very inviting Italian restaurant in Lipa City called Casa Marikit.


May 18-21: Fieldwork in Cebu and Iloilo 

My #aMAYzingrace ended, so far, with a 4-day fieldwork in Cebu and Iloilo. Again, another tiring, much more tiring, but worthwhile trip because apart from experiencing people’s way of life again, we got to explore Cebu particularly Iloilo on the side  (and no office work to finish at night!). We experienced Cebu’s Zubu Chon, Iloilo’s Jo’s Chicken Inato, Buto’t Balat Restaurant, Breakthrough Restaurant,  Deco’s La Paz Batchoy and Madge Cafe’s Iced Coffee. 🙂

So that was my jam-packed May! I’ll try and I hope to be able to blog about these events separately. I’d like to share lots of photos! 😉


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