Quick Stopover

Just making a quick stopover here to say that I’m still alive! Haha!

The past few days and weeks have been crazy busy because of work, my Little Princess’ 2nd birthday and all other stuff so I couldn’t get my hands on my laptop and blog. Plus our internet connection is busted since Saturday! But I promise I’ll be back with a lot (wait, I don’t want to overpromise! :D) some stories soon or when our internet gets fixed. So it might not be soon. Psshhh. Sorry.

Just to convince you I have things to tell about once we have our internet back, I have a few unfinished posts in my drafts folder about cloth diapering, the Little Princess’ birthdayS (yes, with an S, just wait and found out why. hehe!) and my Ilog Maria loots. And quite honestly, I miss blogging already so I hope to be back soon! So Globe, please fix our internet soon!

But before I forget to stop myself from continuous blabbering, I just want to share this Bible verse that is a perfect reminder to me amid all the crazy busy things I’m in recently.

I said it’s just quick!  Gotta get rolling with all the craziness and busy-ness! 😉


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