Super Mom! Not.

The Little Princess had dozed off a few minutes after her sick Kuya did and silence had finally enveloped our tiny room. No more little screams and giggles echoing up onto the next room or even our next door neighbor at 10 in the evening.

I slowly unlatched my Little Princess from nursing and carefully unwrapped her arms around me so as not to wake her up, while I turned to my right to touch my Big Boy’s forehead. He was hot as my chocolate drink early in the morning at work. I got up to get the ear thermometer and checked the Big Boy’s temperature: it read 38.5 degrees Celsius. I went to the bathroom, took a washcloth and a small basin and filled it with lukewarm water. I soaked and wrung the washcloth and folded it in a rectangular shape and went back to our darkly lit room. After seeing the Big Boy soundly sleeping, I reached for his arms and wiped them with the wet washcloth then rested it on his hot tiny forehead to cool his body down. This is his third night of fever.

I remember the days when I was a new mom. Instances like this would already make me so worried to the point of panicking. Thanks to 4 years of motherhood, I’ve learned to keep my calm. But still, seeing your child sick and unable to enjoy the day like he normally does by playing and running around until he runs out of energy, is one of the hardest things of being a mother. These are the times I wish I am indeed a “Super Mom” with “superpowers” to heal my suffering child.

The reality is, even though I brazenly call myself a “Super Mom“, I am a far cry from being one. Remember when the Big Boy almost drowned from the pool right before my eyes when we went swimming on Black Saturday? I felt I could’ve prevented it from happening by going with them in the pool right from the start or by not letting him dip in water without me in the first place.

Here’s another confession. When we were ready to leave for our Holy Week vacation, I was holding the Little Princess in my one hand while carrying a load of other stuff in my other hand. We hopped into the elevator and pushed the button 2 floors down. As the elevator descended, my eyes got caught in the announcement posted on the elevator wall and I didn’t notice we were already on our destined floor. Much worse, I didn’t notice that my little daughter held on to the elevator door while it opened causing her tiny little hand to get stuck! Thank God I was able to remove her hand and there were no scratches or bruises as a result of my inadvertent “neglect”. That 5 seconds seemed like forever especially when she started to cry out loud!

Deep sigh. Super Mom misadventures. These are just 2 of the many more I had.

But you know what? I know right from the very beginning that I’m not really a “Super Mom”. It’s just my positive thinking. My self-actualization. Rather than thinking that I cannot do things and get shaken by the huge responsibility of being a wife and a mother as well as the other roles that the Lord has given me, I chose to be positive about it. But more than that, there’s an irony about the label “Super Mom” that I like so much. Despite the undeniable truth of our total incapacity as mothers to become “super” and do everything that we’d like to for ourselves, our family and others, there’s an absolute super power from God that can actually enable us to do them through faith.

Being a Super Mom is not about doing it with all my might all by myself. I have mishaps, see. A lot. Rather, it’s about trusting God and laying every aspect of motherhood to Him because He is the One that’s Super and I am NOT after all.


30 thoughts on “Super Mom! Not.

  1. ceemee says:

    So true! I used to wonder how I could go on becoming a mother when I seem to fail. I needed to rely on God, to pray to Him each day, asking for wisdom, patience and love.


  2. celin mendoza says:

    Thanks for sharing! God really has his purpose on us. Most of the time, we have too many questions but he sure does have the answer to everything. I am a young mom but I already have three children. I don’t know how I pulled it through this past 7 years until I remember that I have my Daddy God with me all along.


  3. Vance says:

    It’s really quite difficult at times to be a mom esp. when your child gets sick. They become more malambing and somewhat clingy. But know that God has entrusted these kids on you. He gave you to them as blessings and He’ll help you go through all the challenges in bringing them up.


  4. Ayi says:

    I know how it feels. If we could only do everything all at the same time, why not? But we moms have limitations too. As much as we want to be in control. there are some things we can’t avoid. That’s just part of being a mom 🙂


  5. katjrod says:

    I only have one baby, for now, and already there are times that I feel so inadequate, but who doesn’t? I’m just happy that at the end of the day, we’re all together, my baby is happy and healthy.


  6. Nicole Paler says:

    right through the feels! I once was just like that, having to worry myself over things that were relatively new to me as a mom… And that last bit about having to give it to God and trusting Him is the best thing that we can do in times we feel so inadequate to improve our kid’s situations.. 🙂


  7. tweenselmom says:

    Parenting gives us happiness equal to fear. As your child grows older, you may think that your fears will lessen, nada. The anxiety never ceases and it’s only through faith that we can have that peace of mind.


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