What’s Inside My Koala Bag (aka Pump Bag)?

As a working breastfeeding momma, you would see me most of the time lugging 2 bags when I go out. With my default going-out, fashion-and-functional bag on my right shoulder and my navy blue a-little-big-for-my-size shoulder bag on the left, I always receive these curious questions from people around me probably suspecting I’m going to elope:  “Where are you going? Why are you carrying a lot of bags?”

To clear my name from the eloping suspicion, the 2 bags I bring with me have their respective purposes apart from making me look like a poor little girl who just stepped in the city for the first time. My “fashion-and-functional” bag carries all my personal essentials (wallet, make-up kit, perfume, umbrella, mobile phones of course! What else?) which I change to match my outfit. 😉 My second bag, the navy blue one which I will call my “koala” bag because it’s attached to me like a koala bear for a very obvious special reason, consists of my breastpumping essentials. Life is a riot if I forget to bring this bag!


My koala bag. We’ve been through a lot. 😀

My trustworthy koala bag is from Baby Couture. Yup, it’s a diaper bag which I turned into a pump bag. 🙂 I promise I searched every mall and online store I could ever find to look for the perfect pump bag that will be my “breastfriend” until now and I thankfully found this pretty at the Baby Couture shop in SM Megamall. It satisfied all my requirements: it’s navy blue and not pink (I hate pink!), simple, can be worn for office or casual clothes (of course, a must!), can match solid-color or printed clothes (another must. Haha!) and roomy enough to accommodate all my pumping stuff.

So what’s inside my koala bag?

1. My hospital grade Unimom Forte double breastpump


My Unimom Forte in action at a mall breastfeeding station

I purchased this from Babymama.ph. It’s hospital grade so it’s heavy. Around 2kg. And I endured bringing this boombox este humongous and heavy but powerful motor pump everyday at work until I woke up one day and realized I was punishing myself too much. So I just left it in the office and bought a handy manual Spectra pump from Babymama.ph for my weekend use and for emergency cases where there is no electrical outlet. Like in movie houses. 🙂 Currently though, I no longer bring any breastpump. I just hand express.

2. My manual Spectra pump


Image from Babymama.ph

During my pumping-using-breastpump days, I also kept my manual pump inside my bag. I used it as my “3rd pump” when expressing milk in the office and as my going-out pump like when I go on fieldwork. I also got this manual pump from Babymama.

3. Lock & Lock container carrying my pumps’ flanges


This tight container was a steal because I bought it half the price at the local mall and its size perfectly held all my 3 flanges plus their parts.

4. Storage bottles


I have 4 Unimom, 4 Evenflow, 1 Spectra and 1 Farlin bottles that I alternately use to store my pumped milk. I also have 2 Avent Via cups but I use mostly at home since it’s wide neck and won’t fit in my small cooler pouch. I store the bottles inside a Ziplock bag.

5. Small cooler pouch


I love that this cooler bag also from Babymama is small enough to fit in my koala bag and how it can accommodate 4 5-ounce Unimom  and Evenflow storage bottles. 🙂

6. Ice packs


I have 4 pieces of these reusable Nano Silver ice packs which I also bought from Babymama for P50/piece and I use 2 packs alternately each day. Surprisingly, these ice packs can sustain coolness up to 8 hours. I also got some Techni Ice Dry Ice from Techni Ice Philippines for my travel last year and I use it as well inside my pouch (and hubby the other piece as cold compress! Dual purpose, huh?).

7. Nursing cover, poncho or scarf

Because it’s cold in our office and breastfeeding stations. Kidding. 🙂 I just pump at my desk so I need to be covered. I also pump anywhere so all the more I need to be covered. 🙂 I have an apron-like Next 9 nursing cover and nursing ponchos from IndigobabySmart Mum Online and Autumnz which I got from Mamabella Nursing and Maternity Wear.

8. A marker and an adhesive tape


Not for arts and crafts but for labeling my breastmilk’s date and time of expression. My 3M Scotch Donut dispenser is portable, functional and of course, cute. Haha! It’s partner is my Bic marker and they are inseperable. 😉

9. Kleenex tissues

Actually, any brand of tissue will do. I just like the pack designs of Kleenex. 😀 What’s this for? To wipe off milk spillage of course. 🙂

10. Alcohol

For disinfecting my hands before touching my pump paraphernalia especially when there is no available wash area where I will pump.


The contents of my koala bag. Nursing cover not present in the group picture 😀

So there. But since I have already shifted to hand expression, you can no longer find the flanges inside my koala bag.

How about the other pumping mommas there? What’s inside your pump bags?


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