First School Year is Over!

“Bye school! Hello summer vacation!”

I can imagine the Big Boy shouting this, if he were a little bigger, after 10 months of daily 2-hour schooling. 🙂 Their schooldays officially ended last Friday as the Nursery class celebrated their Recognition Day. So bye shuttle and classmates and teachers for now. 😀

Yay, we're done with Nursery! :)

Yay, we’re done with Nursery! 🙂

I remember when we enrolled the Big Boy in this small progressive-traditional school near our place 10 months ago, our goal was for him to of course, learn and at the same time enjoy being in school and with his classmates without any “academic” pressure. Hello, he was just 3 years old then. That’s why I appreciated that the school didn’t give too much homework to the pupils because I think that would be a lot for their young minds to take. The exams, I find the frequency too often at twice every quarter so I think we were reviewing for exams every 2 or 3 weeks. I would always mutter whenever I see the exam schedule in my Big Boy’s diary, “Exam period again? But they just had their exams 2 weeks ago?” Haha! Whiner mommy. 😀 Let me justify in behalf of the school that frequent exams were needed to refresh them of their lessons. 😀

So, whenever the Big Boy had an assignment or an exam, we would sit down together and study but once he has already expressed disinterest (cue: “I’m done!” while putting down his jumbo pencil and getting ready to stand up from his sitting position on his study chair), we would close his book and I’d just let him go back to playing. No fuss for both of us. 🙂 I would just informally ask him questions while playing or incorporate the lesson in his play to encourage learning. For example, while playing with blocks, I’d ask about patterns by letting him arrange the block pieces into a certain order. Things like that.

As his first school year ended, I can say that the Big Boy indeed both learned and enjoyed school. Academically, he has already learned the phonics, a little bit of reading 3-letter words, writing his name and numbers 1-20, counting, memorizing poems and songs, among others. His social skills was also developed because before he went to school, he was the epitome of makahiya. 😀 He would cling to me whenever we were around people or even kids his age. But now, though he is still shy, he already interacts and plays with other kids. Well, not all kids. He’s choosy. Hehe! And I never heard him say he didn’t want to go to school (except for those still-sleepy mornings he had to eat breakfast and take a bath :D). In fact, he would sometimes say “Mommy, I want to go to school tomorrow”, on a Friday. 🙂 So generally, goals achieved! 🙂

On their Recognition Day, all the Nursery pupils got an award — 3 honors and 2 with distinction and special recognition for the multiple intelligence each pupil possesses. Among the 8 multiple intelligencesLinguistic Intelligence (“Word Smart”), Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (“Number/Reasoning Smart”), Spatial Intelligence (“Picture Smart”), Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (“Body Smart”), Musical Intelligence (“Music Smart”), Interpersonal Intelligence (“People Smart”), Intrapersonal Intelligence (“Self Smart”) and Naturalist Intelligence (“Nature Smart”) —  the Big Boy received the Logical-Mathematical Intelligence. 🙂 “He got it from me,” the Daddy claimed. Okay, fine, he’s the Statistician. 😀


He stood up on his seat to proudly show his medal to his Daddy 😀

My shy Big Boy on stage :D

My shy Big Boy on stage 😀


My attempt to show “proof” of his achievement: cropping a photo 😀

We’re still going to find out next week from his teacher how this intelligence manifested in the Big Boy’s performance in school apart from his written Math exams where he got perfect scores or 1-2 mistakes. But at home, I notice how focused he is at playing and trying to figure out his toy. One time, he was playing with a cheap binocular toy and he broke it down. I was surprised to see after a while that he was able to fix the disassembled lens by himself. And when he was a toddler at around 18 months, he already started to complete letter, number, shape and fruit puzzles. So we are pretty convinced he is number smart and are definite that he is low at Interpersonal and Linguistic Intelligences. 😀

Exhibit A and B of his low interpersonal intelligence right during their Recognition Day. They performed a number for Doxology at the start of the program and a dance presentation as closing where in both exhibits he just stood up in front just like during their oral interpretation contest weeks ago. 😀 He had a more truthful alibi this time: “I’m shy”. Hope he overcomes this when he grows up. 😀

Exhibit A: Doxology Presentation. All (or most) of his classmates are doing the actions while he is doing nothing but pouting his lips. :D

Exhibit A: Doxology Presentation. All (or most) of his classmates are doing the actions while he is doing nothing but pouting his lips. 😀


Exhibit B: Dance Presentation. His classmates are happily dancing the steps while he is just standing still. 😀

Just some words for my Big Boy:  Congratulations for finishing Nursery, Sweetie Pie! Mommy and Daddy are so happy and proud of you! 🙂

And so, now that school’s over, the Big Boy has got a whole lot of time to play. 😀  We’re still thinking what activities to get him busy with this summer. Maybe we’ll make him join a football camp again or try swimming this time.  Anything that would keep him pre-occupied as he got used to going to school everyday. I’ll just also give him some exercises to work on this summer for him not to forget what he learned from school. Hubby and I have agreed we won’t be enrolling him in summer school class so that he would get to enjoy his vacation by doing other stuff.

And oh, the Big Boy said he wants to go to the beach this summer!  We’ll set one for him and the Little Princess. 🙂


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