The Big Boy’s Rocket-Themed 4th Birthday

We’ve already made the Big Boy’s 4th Rocket Birthday Party possible! Last Saturday, we had a small gathering with our immediate family at home to celebrate the Lord’s wonderful love for our Big Boy who turned 4.  The celebration was simple — we just had a filling merienda and some sweet treats made even more satisfying with lots of chit chats while the kids happily run around the nearby playground, sliding and swinging with much glee. And the joy in my Big Boy’s face was more than enough to compensate for the efforts that we put into preparing his simple yet special and memorable birthday.

Speaking of preparation, like what we always do, we made a lot of DIYs to achieve the Big Boy’s rocket-themed party. Two weeks before his birthday, I asked the Big Boy if he wanted Lego as his party theme. He boldly answered, “No, I want rocket ship!”. I had to scratch all the Lego ideas I had planned and started looking for rocket party inspirations. From my research, we came up with a rocket-themed party in royal blue, red and yellow colors.



So let me tell you now the story of our rocket party preparation. 🙂

Let’s start with the cake.  Of course, there had to be a cake and it had to be rocket-themed! So I got in touch with my suki baker, Nadine of Swirls N Sprinkles (who also did my husband’s FC Barcelona Jersey cake) two weeks before the Big Boy’s birthday to bake and craft a rocket cake based on the peg I sent. And as expected, she delivered well. 🙂 My initial reaction upon seeing the cake, “My son will love it!” True enough because when the Big Boy found the cake I was trying to hide from him the night we picked it up to surprise him, he screamed, “Mommy, rocket ship cake! Wow!” with so much delight he wanted us to slice and eat the cake that night instead of him going back to bed. 😀 To display the cake, I just DIYed a cake stand out of a box wrapped in the same printed gift wrapper that I used for the DIY banner.


To fill our tummies, I took a different route of ordering party food instead of usually cooking all of them ourselves or placing an order from our forever go-to delivery Amber Restaurant. This is to save us from getting all busy and stressed in preparing food so we could allot more time instead in doing party DIYs. Haha! 🙂 On a serious note, it was more manageable for us to have the food delivered given that we have 2 kids that needed to be looked after while we were doing our thing. So, I placed an order at CCME Catering, which my friend Juzi introduced to us during our Christmas get together. Their Merienda Grande consisting of Baked Macaroni with beef and bechamel sauce,  Chicken Barbecue, Embotido Grande and Potato Salad was superb and totally worth it for P1,930 plus P150 delivery fee. They’re now on my top-of-mind list when it comes to party food. 🙂

We added tomato pasta cooked by my sister-in-law in the menu for variety and other pica food like rocket-shaped fruit kebabs, star-shaped tuna sandwiches, chips and salsa and hotdog with mallows on stick which I all placed in blue plates from the Big Boy’s Superman party to make the food binge more fun and within the theme. 😀


I designed and printed DIY toppers and cut and pasted red flaglets out of cartolina supposedly for the cupcakes and mallow cakes but they were already out of stock at the nearby cafe and the supermarket so I just pinned them on the star-shaped sandwiches.


Fruits are a staple in our parties and I made it more manageable and fun to bite on by putting some watermelon, honey dew and melon on sticks resembling a rocket ship. 🙂


Apart from the cake, I also set up a dessert station for my Big Boy’s indulgence since it was his special day! 😀 I pulled out of the storage once again the red bowls and jars I have always been re-using for our birthday celebrations and filled them with treats — choco-peanut candies, milky chocolate balls that look like moons, Stik-O, mini choco chip cookies and pretzels — and creatively labeled them with weird space names (haha!) using the oval chalk clip label I bought from Celebrations Party Central and my DIY round chalk label out of black cartolina and white bond paper. Finished the crafty look of the jars by tying around them some baker’s twine.

We also prepared some mallow and Oreo pops in blue, red and yellow chocolate coating through the help of my SIL who painstakingly melted the chocolates, dipped the mallows and Oreos and decorated them. 🙂 I was so jumping with joy when I found blue and white chocolate bars by Dough It! at SM Supermarket’s baking needs section because we didn’t have to rely on Goya’s Easymelt White Chocolate Buttons which always fails us (it doesn’t melt into a little runny consistency which makes dipping difficult). Just bought red and yellow McCormick food color to add to the white chocolate.


Some mallow pops display hack:  I didn’t have any available styro foam so what I did was I used a clear jar, wrapped the inside with a Japanese paper, then filled it with uncooked rice grains. I had an instant base for the mallow pops! 🙂  I got no other container for the Oreo pops so I just laid them down on a snack server. 🙂

Too much about the food. Let’s move on to the crafty stuff! 🙂

I started preparing for the decoration a few nights before the special day. First, my favorite birthday banner! 🙂 As usual, I manually cut and pasted it using red, blue and yellow cartolina and blue and green printed gift wrapper. For some reason, I couldn’t find our puncher so I just made an around 0.75cm slit using a sharp cutter on the banner where I slid the ribbon as the banner string.  The dessert station had the “4, 3, 2, 1 Blast Off” banner while the food table carried the one with my Big Boy’s name.

For a space/universe feel, I, with the help of our helpers, cut yellow and blue stars in cartolina in different sizes, stuck them alternately on a crochet string and hung as a background decor together with the small gold and blue mylar balloons I bought at the mall. I also enhanced the look of the dessert station with a number 4 mylar balloons that the Big Bot brought with him while running everywhere. 🙂


Then I covered the food table with white cloth we have at home and accentuated it with a red “runner” which was actually a folded red Geena cloth. Then I sprinkled the remaining cut yellow stars on the red table runner for added style. The dessert station was covered with yellow Geena cloth making the look more festive.


To avoid having piled up dishes, I always use paper plates, paper cups and wooden spoons and forks whenever we have parties and the best nearest available source for such pretties is Celebrations Party Central in SM Megamall.  I got from them blue plates, yellow napkins, red and white paper cups and black chevron paper straws. The wooden spoons and forks I bought from SM Supermarket.  I also put on the table our mason jars to serve as glasses.

The spoons and forks were prettified with a washi tape as well as the paper straws with glued little yellow flags. I placed them in mason jars and styled with recycled baker’s twine.


What’s a party without party hats? 🙂 I got striped red and white party hats from Celebrations Party Central and decorated some of them with a rocket ship for the Big Boy and stars for me, Daddy J and the Little Princess. 🙂

party hat1

Finally, our party outfits also had to blend with the theme. 🙂 I was very thankful to have found a rocket shirt in blue at SM Department Store for the Big Boy to wear on his special day.  The Little Princess wore a yellow top while hubby and I were both in red. 🙂


Happy Blasting Off to 4, my Big Boy! 🙂


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