My Reading List

I’m not a bookworm but I enjoy reading. A few novels to awaken and excite my imagination but mostly informative or inspirational books. Reading does take time so I prefer to spend my time, especially now that I’m a mother, to read books that will essentially feed my mind and soul with learning. So my book storage is filled with titles from Christian authors with themes ranging from  spiritual life, relationships, work, parenting and the likes.

But I have this lousy habit of buying books and not reading them. I have a tendency whenever I visit a Christian bookstore to browse through the shelves and get my self a book or 2, which will end up collecting dust in our house, untouched. In fact, a  few months ago, I went book shopping at the CCF Bookstore and brought home with me about 5 books. Apparently, I’ve only read one which until now, is still unfinished. 😀 And a few years back, I also got myself some books which remain, well, sitting lonely in my book storage, all patiently waiting for their owner to grab them and read. I’m such a perfect book collector!

Despite my fascination with “collecting” books, I want to have even more (see, I’m seriously taking my title as a book collector! 😀 ) and hopefully more time to read them all as well.  I just haven’t gotten the time to go to a bookstore with the purpose of buying books and not craft stuff, but I wish to have the following titles which I heard about when hubby and I attended the CCF Counterflow Conference last year:

1. Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp

Paul Tan-Chi, one of the workshop speakers at the Counterflow Conference mentioned about this book on how to discipline our children from a biblical perspective. I’m personally still struggling on disciplining my 2 kids and I hope this book could help me shed light on it.



2. Raising a Modern-Day Joseph by Larry Fowler

The author of this book himself, Larry Fowler, also spoke at the conference and discussed the main point of the book:  how parents can raise their children like Joseph that even though he was far away from his family without spiritual support, he remained obedient and faithful to the Lord.  Though he enumerated some points during his talk, I’d like to get into more detail on the strategies for raising a modern-day Joseph.


3. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

I’ve heard about this book a long time ago from someone I can’t remember who and also saw it from a celebrity Christian mom, Cheska Kramer’s Instagram post. And during the conference, one of the speakers, Francis Kong used these love languages as reference when he talked about reaching out and bridging the generation gap with our kids today. The love languages actually apply to every relationship and I think it’s important to understand another person’s love language in order for us to know how we ought to respond and these expressions of love.



Hope to get hold of (and read!) all these books in the next couple of weeks months. 🙂


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