The Big Boy’s Superman-Themed 1st Birthday: Party DIYs

When I was planning for the Big Boy’s 1st birthday party, I knew I wanted to do a lot of DIYs on top of the inevitable spending for party suppliers, because one, we had a limited budget and two, I wanted to put personal touch on the party and put into practice some creativity I believed I have. 😀 Though the ideas were mine (yup, I couldn’t rely on hubby for DIY stuff. Not his cup of tea. 😀 ), I don’t take all the credits because some God-sent souls in the persona of my MIL, SIL, brother, uncle, parents and our helpers lent their hands in order for me to execute all the DIY ideas for the party.

Here are the products of all our DIY team’s time, effort and sleepless nights. 🙂


We “spread the news” about our Big Boy’s 1st Birthday and Baptism Party through a Daily Planet inspired invitation. I dug my “journalistic skills” and spent until wee hours of the night thinking of the content to put in a 4-pager “newspaper” and asked the help of my brother in laying out the invite in MS Word. The first page consisted of the headline announcing the details of the birthday and baptism event in a news fomat. On the second page were some fillers — map to the venues and commuting directions, gift registry information, and some “ads” with the Big Boy as the model which also served as gift ideas. 😀  The third page contained the “news” about the Godparents of the Big Boy for his baptism. And on the fourth and final page, I just put some facts about the Big Boy. I printed the invites on a letter sized specialty paper and quarter-folded them a la newspaper then put a sticker label bearing the name of the recipient on a space in the front page resembling a delivered newspaper in the neighborhood.

Tokens for the Godparents

The tokens I ordered from Thought of You were originally packed in a small ziplock bags with printed stickers in Superman logo shape. I wanted the gifts for the Godparents to look more special so I individually wrapped them in blue (for the Ninongs) and red (for the Ninangs) Japanese paper and placed them inside small red and blue drawstring bags which I bought in Divisoria for P7 each. I added shredded blue, red and yellow Japanese paper inside the bag to make it fluffier and look more creative. 🙂 Then I printed tags in Superman logo shape and stuck them on the bag. 🙂

Baptism Candles

I also incorporated the Superman theme at the Big Boy’s baptism where I, with the help of our DIY team, “dressed up” the candles like Superman. 🙂 I cut rectangular pieces of blue Japanese paper and wrapped it around the candles like a cape. Then I taped printed superman logos in the middle of the candle. Voila, Superman candles! 😀 Easy peasy! 🙂


Party Decor

Hiring a party stylist was already way beyond our budget so I just tapped my uncle, Tito Ricky who is also experienced in styling events to decorate the area with blue, red and yellow. We bought the balloons and other materials where else but in Divisoria (my first!) and Tito Ricky, assisted by my mom, dad and one of our helpers, made the venue look more festive with a Superman feel. 🙂 I liked that my uncle no longer hung balloons and swags in the ceiling as it would make the area appear small and cramped. He just displayed colorful paper banner to complement the table set-up. He was also the one who prepared the balloon center pieces. What he actually decorated with a lot of balloons was the stairways to the 2nd floor to welcome the guests to the fun party. Too bad I couldn’t find a photo of this decorated area. 😦

Candy Buffet

For the candy buffet, I wished I was the one who styled but I had no choice but to leave everything to my uncle because it was the Big Boy’s baptism right before the party and I didn’t have time to set it up. I had a different picture in mind on how the candy buffet would look like but I was very thankful anyway to my uncle for taking over. 🙂 We bought the treats from Divisoria and supermarkets and put them in blue, red and yellow bowls and plates which I bought from the mall and in Clark Dutyfree. The plates were supposed to be built as a 3-tier candy holder with plastic glasses as the base but my uncle thought it wouldn’t work so they just simply laid them down on the table. I lost track of how much we spent for this but I’m sure it was much lower than hiring a candy buffet stylist.

I also prepared candy buffet labels, with the help of my SIL and our helpers, in a call-out, comic-like design but they were not placed on the table. 😦 The labels might not stand up on crumpled table cover per my uncle and they were probably also running out of time to stick them on to the bowls and plates.


Our DIY crew also helped in cutting and pasting the candy buffet banner that read “Joshua’s Super Treats” made from blue, red and yellow cartolina. It was oddly displayed again as it extended up in the kids’ food table instead of just the candy buffet and choco fountain table. 😀

To complete our DIY candy buffet, I also printed a candy buffet table label and put it in a Superman photo frame which I bought from National Bookstore.


Stage Backdrop

Fancy, themed backdrops rented from party planners cost a fortune so I decided to use a 6 ft by 4 tarpualin instead for the Big Boy’s party.  My brother designed the backdrop which I had printed at a printing shop. We just spent around P500-600 for the printing instead of around P8,000 just for backdrop rental. 🙂



Photobooth Backdrop

I know I was just supposed to comment or approve the design but out of frustration with the lack of creativity of the photobooth supplier, I personally took charge of designing the photobooth backdrop. It was just simple and easy to create even in MS Word. 😀 I made the backdrop comic-looking by putting action texts like “Zap!”, “Pow!” and “Kaboom!” and adding “Happy Birthday” and “Happy Baptism” call-outs as if these were being said by those standing at the photobooth. 🙂



To make the party more memorable, I prepared an unconventional  Superman-themed “guestbook” using a 20×16 (if I’m not mistaken) poster paper adorned with the Big Boy’s picture and handpainted by yours truly with the party details (date and venue).  Upon arrival at the venue, we requested the guests to write their well wishes for the Big Boy using a paintbrush and blue, red and yellow poster paints.  I intended to frame and hang this on our wall but it got lost when we moved in to our new place. Huhuhu! 😦 At least I have a photographed remembrance of the “guestbook”.

Pre-party Activity

While the kids were waiting for the program to start, I had some coloring materials prepared — Superman-themed coloring pages which I downloaded from the internet and printed on a bond paper and small boxes of crayons — so that they would have something to color or doodle on.

Party Accessories

I wanted the kids to have a total feel of a superhero party so after gathering ideas from the net, I asked the help of my mother-in-law to sew 20 pieces of red cape using Geena cloth and 20 pieces of yellow Wonderwoman headband with matching cufflinks. I downloaded the headband and cufflink patterns from the internet and my MIL graciously sewed everything! (Really blessed to have a very supportive MIL! 🙂 ). We also added red masks for the kids but they were not in the mood to wear them. 😀

Name Tags

Instead of using regular rectangular name tags for the kids, I personally designed in MS Word (I love MS Word! 😀 ) a Superman logo-shaped name tag for the boy which says “Hi! I’m Super _______” and Wonderwoman for the girls that reads “Hi! I’m Wonder _______” and have it printed at a shop (because we already ran out of ink 😀 ) to complete their superhero outfit!

Loot Bags

We bought the lootbags and their contents from Divisoria for a wholesale price of I think P20 per piece.  The boys received Superman zippered backpacks while the girls got drawstring Barbie bags. We tried searching the corners of Divisoria for a superhero backpack for girls but nada, so we just settled for a generic girly bag. We put Superman and Barbie themed puzzles, crayons, pencils, wallets, stickers and blowing bubbles along with some chocolates, candies and lolliipops purchased from the supermarket.


Game Prizes

I went gaga buying game prizes in Divisoria! 😀 Because I felt our first visit was bitin, I was able to convince Daddy J to go back and complete our shopping. 😀  We bought toys amounting  from P50 for the minor prizes to P100-150 for the major prizes. I didn’t realize we got a lot! Even our host said the prizes were too much! 😀 So we ended up giving away the excess to the guests especially the kids who enjoyed them a lot. 🙂 Early Christmas presents! 😀 Also got some prizes for the adults like foldable fans, spoon and fork to name some. I segregated the major and minor prizes and instructed our helper to display them accordingly but it got mixed up at the prizes table! Tito Ricky did it! 😀 The host just picked up whatever prize he felt giving to the game winners.

game prizes


A children’s party wouldn’t be complete without a piñata!  We filled the Superman piñata we got from Divisoria as well for I think P180 with treats like chocolates, candies and lollipops. Plus, to make it more fun, I put 5 pieces of Superman logo-shaped cards labeled with a special toy prize. However, the winners were not able to get their special prize because they were given away as game prizes. Hehe!  We just let them pick which toy they want out of the many that were left. 🙂


That completes the documentation of the Big Boy’s Superman-themed 1st Birthday and Baptism party. I’ll find time to write about his succeeding birthday parties though these were much smaller and intimate celebration but with a lot of DIYs still. 🙂


19 thoughts on “The Big Boy’s Superman-Themed 1st Birthday: Party DIYs

    • Gwynna says:

      Thank you, Maan! I really wanted to share this to others for ideas. Thanks you liked the invites. 🙂 It actually wasn’t a grand party dahil hindi din sanay ang baby ko that time sa big crowd (actually until now). 😀 But surprisingly, he didn’t cry eventhough the guests were fussing over him. You can always reserve your big parties when your baby is bigger na but I think it’s okay for you to start planning as early as now. hehe! 🙂


    • Gwynna says:

      Wow, really? Nice! 🙂 Yes, that was the first time I went to Divisoria at winner talaga sya! 😀 Kailangan lang ng tyaga at energy sa pag-ikot. hehe! Glad you liked the DIYs, Mamanee, and thank you for dropping by! 🙂


    • Gwynna says:

      Hi Yvonne! Thanks for dropping by. You can do it, too, you’ve already started your research and everything follow na. 🙂 You will just need time to do everything and of course, help from other people. It’s hard to do everything by yourself. hehe! Enjoy your baby’s party preps! 🙂


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