DIY Cat Costume

I previously mentioned that the Big Boy joined an Oral (or Silent 😀 ) Interpretation Contest in school where they recited The Three Little Kittens and this required me to prepare a cat or kitten costume. I went to 4 different malls to check available cat costumes and most of them carry only Disney or Marvel-themed. I was informed that costumes become widely available only during the Halloween season. Fortunately, the Gift Section of Market! Market! has what I was exactly looking for but for a whooping P1000! No way will I spend 1k for a costume that will only be used once!

After finally giving up from searching for an affordable kitty costume for my Big Boy, I decided to just do it myself. I searched the internet for pegs, scoured the kid’s closet and came up with the idea of a gray cat instead of the usual black cat using the following:

1. Gray hoodie. This is actually the Little Girl’s, obviously given the text color, which she hasn’t worn yet because it’s still too big for her. But it fits the Big Boy so I made this brand new gray hoodie a sacrificial lamb for the Big Boy’s costume. 😀


I handsewed gray ears on the hoodie to make it look like a cat. 🙂 Handsew because I don’t have a sewing machine and so that the ears can easily be unstitched by the time the jacket already fits the Little Princess.


2. Old white shirt. The shirt had dual purpose: aesthetically to make the hoodie look more like a cat and functionally to cover the pink branding in front. Remember it was going to be used by the Big Boy and his father would definitely give me a tiger look once he sees his Big Boy wearing something with pink. 😀

I cut 2 oval patterns from my old shirt, stitched them together and sewed the pattern on the hoodie.


3. Gray pajamas. I had to buy this one because the Big Boy does not have any gray-colored pants. I got a set of 3 pajamas in different shades of gray at Robinsons Department Store for P429.50. I didn’t mind shelling out money on this because they can be used as daily pajamas by the Big Boy anyway.


A cat costume needs a tail so I handsewed a gray tail on this pajama that can easily be unstitched.


4. Microfleece cloth. We have several of this lying around the house and good thing they are in shades of gray! 🙂 These pieces of cloth worked perfectly as the ears and tails of my Big Boy’s cat costume.


For the ears, I cut the corner of the fabric forming a triangle and folded and hot glued the 2 sides making it a little trimmer and forming a base that was sewn to the hood and make the ears stand up. I also cut 2 triangular pieces of white cloth from my old shirt that was hot glued to the gray ears.


For the tail, I just rolled the 12×9 inch microfleece cloth and hot glued the edges. I then closed the 2 ends by stitching then sewed the other end on the butt part of the pajama. The Big Boy super loved his costume especially the pants! He kept on saying, “Mommy, I have a tail!” 😀  The puyat was all worth it even if he did not recite! Haha! 😀


5. Mittens/Gloves. I found a cute pair of mittens at Robinsons Department Store but the designs are all girly with ribbons and crystals. So instead of mittens, I settled for a P54 pair of gloves in boyish color with a touch of gray, orange, brown and purple to make his hands pop out.


6. Red bowtie. This was a last minute prop to add a bit more pop of color on the Big Boy’s costume and to make it totally cute! 🙂

And now, presenting the complete budget-friendly DIY Cat costume of my Big Boy! 🙂


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