The Three Little Kittens

We’ve been pre-occupied with the school activities of the Big Boy lately and last February 13, he experienced another first in his school: joining an Oral Interpretation Contest. You heard it right. An Oral Interpretation Contest for Nursery. This is to allow the pupils to experience standing up on stage in front of a big audience to help build their confidence. The Nursery pupils were given a piece to memorize — the classic poem The Three Little Kittens which they recited everyday in school for several weeks.

Everyone who knows my Big Boy is fully aware that he is not a talkative and “sociable” child especially when he’s around new people. He is more of a shy type. One example of his shy tendencies is no matter how many times someone asks his name, he won’t answer because he is not comfortable being around a lot of people. Though he talks a lot and never run out of stories to tell when he is at home or with people he is familiar with, I know getting him to go up on stage and talk would be a challenge. And indeed it was.


In his kitten costume which I DIY-ed (more of it later on :D) and the poem he memorized well with tone and matching actions, the Big Boy who was the 9th to perform was not in the mood to recite! He wanted to play in the field instead. πŸ˜€ He was called by the emcee and he dragged himself to the stage wearing a gloomy face while being guided by his teacher. And there he did his “silent” interpretation of the Three Little Kittens. Hahaha! πŸ˜€ He opened his mouth only to play with his tongue then kept it shut after despite his teacher’s attempt to motivate him to speak.

After a good 2 minutes of mere standing up on the stage without any sign of interest to recite, his teacher just guided him down the stage. So that was my Big Boy’s first stage experience which happened to be a contest. Hehe!

I asked the Big Boy after the school activity why he didn’t recite on the stage and his alibi was “I’m sick kasi.” Hope he won’t use this as an excuse for missing school in the future! Hahaha! I’m still proud of my Nursery boy because he still went up on stage in spite of his shy personality and his insistent “I don’t want” tendencies and I know and have seen him recite the piece very well. πŸ™‚ He may not be the “bibo” type that most people tend to become more fond of but I believe in my Big Boy’s knowledge and capabilities and his caring heart that manifests on how he treats others. πŸ™‚


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