Our Pre-schooler’s First Field Trip

I finally understand how physically exhausting being a mom of a pre-schooler can be. A three-day mastery exam and a field trip in a week! Whew! These also explain the lack of post in the past 2 3 weeks.

I accompanied the Big Boy on his first school field trip last January 31 in Clark, Pampanga. 🙂 Daddy J and I were actually arguing who will go with our Big Boy because we were obviously both equally excited and wishing to be the one spending a milestone with our pre-schooler and I conceded because of the emotional reasons cited by my husband. Hehe! I was all set to spend my Saturday with the Little Princess when Daddy J informed the day before the field trip to accompany the Big Boy instead because of his work schedule. I happily obliged. 🙂 Here’s a photo blog of my Big Boy’s first field trip. 🙂


Time check: 6:30am 🙂 We were still sleepy. And my eyebags, look! 😀

First stop:  Paradise Ranch

Before the tour around the ranch began, the students first watched a short tribal show that introduces the indigenous people living in the area, the Aetas and their culture. I don’t have photos but on the way to the entrance of the park is a small community of Aetas who were provided support by the local government through housing and livelihood, with some of them employed at the Paradise Ranch according to the host. 🙂

The students settling down before the program starts

The Aetas, in their native clothing called bahag, exhibited their tribal dance with movements showing their means of living such as hunting and mimicing the different animals like monkey and bird.


The Aetas on the move. 🙂 They were dancing a modern dance in this photo though. 😀

After the show, the long walk around the hilly area began. There were farm animals like ducks, sheep and cows freely roaming around the vicinity which the Big Boy found amusing. Thank goodness he didn’t get scared of the running sheep! 🙂 We first stopped at the ostrich’s habitat. It was the first the Big Boy saw an ostrich so he’s eyes were fixed on this huge bird. The ostrich can be fed by offering some bird seeds using a glove for P25 but since my Big Boy was already content watching them, we never bothered to shell out money anymore. 🙂 And he was scared anyway. 😀


Curiously looking at the ostrich…

We then proceeded to the monkeys’ cage which the Big Boy also enjoyed watching. 🙂 The monkeys can also be given food (fruits I think) on a long stick for P25.


…and the monkeys 😉

I wasn’t prepared to climb a steep hill after watching the animals but the view at The Little Baguio was beautiful and relaxing and the atmosphere so refreshing with the cool breeze kissing our skin. fieldtrip6


View from “up there” at the Litte Baguio


Replica of an Ifugao dwelling


My Big Boy with his “fieldtrip buddy” 🙂

Going down the hill, we passed by the house of Marimar in the Filipino adaptation of the popular Mexican telenovela Marimar. I think this is the highlight of the Paradise Ranch tour! Haha! 😀



Even though there is not much attraction at the Paradise Ranch, it was a good place to visit for pre-schoolers like my Big Boy because of the animals. It might be a little boring for bigger kids though who would opt to see more.

Second Stop:  Nayong Pilipino

After having our lunch, we headed off to Nayong Pilipino, a cultural spot that presents the Filipino culture and history. There are a lot of attractions to see in this place and thank goodness they are just close to one another, we were saved from the long walks. You know how difficult it could be when your pre-schooler asks to be carried around. There we saw replicas of primitive traditional Filipino houses and the livelihood of the indigenous Filipino people…


I wasn’t listening to the tour guide at this point but I think this is a replica of an Ifugao community. I’m not so sure. 😀 The stone structure is a cave I think (obviously not listening) 😀



The colorful Maranao house replica


An Ifugao house 🙂


A lady weaving a cloth. I wanted to ask her to weave a wrap for us. Hihi! 🙂


Replica of a small community of Ifugaos


Banaue Rice Terraces

… statues of characters from Filipino folklore like Malakas at Maganda, Maria Makiling and Maria Kakaw. I wasn’t able to take photos of the others though.


Forcing a smile under the heat of the sun with Malakas at Maganda as background. 🙂

…and the beautiful landscape at the Nayong Pilipino.


What are you curious about, my Big Boy? 🙂



And a quick snapshot of a national hero’s house (Emilio Aguinaldo or Jose Rizal? I’m not so sure. 😀 ) that we just passed by.


Back view 😀

We already skipped some of the attractions highlighting the different national heroes so we could catch the cultural show showcasing Tagalog and Muslim folk dances that were gracefully presented by the Nayong Pilipino Bayanihan Dancers. The production was great and the costumes were so nice and colorful. I particularly liked the “Malong” dance where the men showed several ways of wearing and using a Malong, a wide piece of tube cloth very popular in Mindanao. Fantastic! And the tinikling was nerve-wracking I thought the feet of the dancers hopping at a very fast beat would get caught in between the bamboos!

Our visit to Nayong Pilipino was worthwhile as it is a good venue for introducing Filipino culture and history to younger kids and for the older ones who are already familiar with the Philippine culture, it provides a great reminder and reinforcement of the students’ Filipino-ness.

Third Stop: Creamline Ice Cream Plant

Due to time constraint, we no longer toured the Creamline plant. All of us tourists just stayed inside the buses while the tour coordinators picked up our free ice cream bars. The Big Boy and I love ice cream so we gulped them down but I didn’t get to enjoy it because that was the time when my acidity/gas spasms started to attack and ruin the rest of my day. 😦

Last Stop: Dinosaurs Island

Of all the attractions that we visited, this is the one that the Big Boy enjoyed so much! I was expecting him to get scared of the life-sized moving and growling dinosaurs but he didn’t. Well, not so much. 🙂 He didn’t want to touch them but he wanted to see more of them. I think he was amazed at how big they are. 🙂 Whenever we stopped for me to take photos of the dinosaurs, the Big Boy would pull me and say, “Mommy, let’s go! I want to see more dinosaurs there!”


The Big Boy in the mood for some photos with the dinosaurs

The forest trail is open air with plants and trees which seem to have naturally grown in the place making the dino experience feel so real.


They seriously look real when they’re moving…


And the recorded growling sound enhances the experience 🙂


“A baby dinosaur!”, says the Big Boy 🙂 The baby dinosaur also growls loud. 🙂

In the middle of the trail is some sort of a museum showing replicas of dino skulls and skeletons.


Of course, the dino experience wouldn’t be complete with the T-Rex! It’s the only type of dinosaur that I could remember throughout the trail. 😀 By the way, for photo op purposes, the tourists can “feed” the dinosaur and film how it moves and “eat” the food for P20. We didn’t avail of it anymore because my gastric pain was getting more intense and uncomfortable.

fieldtrip33 After an entire day of walking without taking a good nap, the Big Boy still had stored energy to slide! 😀 fieldtrip41

We watched a show (again) afterwards where dino mascots danced and scared kids. Poor kids. Hehe! 😀 Everything seemed to be like a blur at this time because of my gas spasms. 😦

Apart from these, the other attractions offered are Dinosaur Ride and 7D Dinosaur Experience, which for obvious reasons that I could no longer focus, we also didn’t avail of. Besides, the Big Boy might just get scared this time. The bigger kids are more likely to enjoy these. 🙂

All in all, except for my really bad gastric pain, the tour was enjoyable and informative. Better if they included a zoo in the field trip especially for the little kids and replaced probably the Paradise Ranch. Also, time could be better managed to maximize the tour.

Just some tips when going on field trip with a pre-schooler:

  1. Get enough sleep. With all the walking and running after an active pre-schooler, you will need enough energy. You also need enough sleep to focus on the activity and in looking after your child and ensuring his safety and security.
  2. Encourage your child to take a nap during bus ride. Our kids need energy for the all day activity of walking and a nap would be a great help for them to get recharged.
  3. Bring packed lunch. This will save you time from falling in long queues to buy food especially with a hungry boy and especially when there is only one store where you will buy food from and there were 5 buses of people who need to eat all at the same time.
  4. Bring snacks. Plenty of snacks. You will need it for those times when the only trick that will work for your pre-schooler to behave is for him to eat some snacks. My Big Boy always asked for snacks and good thing I brought more than enough.
  5. Have some extra clothes for you and your child ready in your bag. Sweat and food spillage can happen anytime so better be prepared.
  6. Bring an umbrella. We were exposed to the sun 80% of the touring time so an umbrella was a must!
  7. Bring a sunblock. To protect our little pre-schoolers from the scorching heat of the sun.
  8. Bring medicine and a first aid kit. Paracetamol, anti-diarrheal and anti-hyperacidity drugs should be ready when the situation calls for them. Also, a small kit of band aid and Povidone-iodine (Betadine) is better prepared for emergency cases.

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