FC Barcelona Themed 30th Birthday

I love small, intimate parties. I love crafty things. I love DIYs. Putting all these three together awakens the Martha Stewart in me. 🙂 Imagine my delight in conceptualizing what I would do for my husband’s 30th birthday which we celebrated last October 14.

Weeks before his birthday, I asked Daddy J how he wanted to celebrate this milestone in his life. He is a simple, no-fuss person so he is not keen on parties — more so, big parties. As mentioned in my previous post, we thought of mounting a “big” party (big means around 30 people? 🙂 ) to celebrate his “thirtyhood” but eventually brushed that idea off and just came up with a simple celebration at home.

And so, the “artsy-fartsy” me brainstormed on how I can make his 30th birthday a little special and memorable and finally came up with a theme that I was pretty sure he would like. Daddy J is into football recently and is an avid FC Barcelona fan so red, blue and yellow it was! I immediately Googled ideas for an FC Barcelona themed party and listed down what I needed to prepare given the limited time I have. Since I have a regular 9.6-hour job, I only got to do all the DIYs at night after the kids have slept which is at around 10pm. Whew! 🙂 Here are pegs that I worked on:

Via Karo’s Fun Land

Via Crissy’s Crafts


Via Hip Hip Hurray

To pull off the FC Barcelona theme, I covered our dining table with a cheap green cloth from Cotton Touch in Market! Market! for around P30 per yard and turned it into a “football field”. I got 3 yards to be sure but found out 2 yards would already fit in our table. I DIYed a net out of a roll of white yarn at P14/roll and stuck it on the wall to make a “goal”. I just covered the ugly edges of the net with strips of white cartolina then posted the birthday banner I did myself and a soccer ball printed out on a paper. Voila! An easy and simple FCB party decor! 🙂


I apparently didn’t get to take photos while doing my DIYs because I had to maximize my time but I’ll give a little bit of details on how I did them. Let’s start off with the table cover. I initially thought of painting the green fabric with white acrylic paint to create the football field look but due to time constraints, I had a eureka moment at the night I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the cloth. I remembered I have some sticker papers left in my supplies so I just cut about 3/4 inch strips and connected them together. For the circle and semi-circle, I traced a plate that would fit the size of the sticker paper and just estimated the 3/4 inch width while cutting it. Just a tip: when you stick the round stickers on the cloth, do not peel everything yet because it will crumple and you won’t get the perfect circle. Just peel a portion then lay down the circle then start peeling and sticking portion by portion of the circle. That’s a lot easier than peeling it all together then sticking it.


The “football field” slash dining table. Upon seeing it, my Big Boy J exclaimed, “Football field!” 🙂

For the net, I was thinking of just purchasing it but I couldn’t find one so I resorted to DIY-ing it. I found this video tutorial on YouTube on how to do a net and just simply followed it. What I did was not so polished as I would like it to be but hey, it was alright past midnight then! 🙂


DIY net for the “goal”

Next is the birthday banner. I love doing banners myself. I mean manually cutting and pasting them. 🙂 I obviously didn’t print it because it will consume too much ink and as I said, I love holding the scissors and cutting the shapes and letters and getting my hands sticky with glue. I’m crafty! Or I claim to be. 🙂 Eversince I started doing DIYs since the Big Boy’s 1st birthday, I’ve always loved manually doing birthday banners myself. It’s a little time consuming, yes, but I find it fulfilling seeing the banner displayed. Labor of love, so to speak. 🙂 For Daddy J’s birthday banner, I used red, blue and yellow cartolina so it wouldn’t be so light and floppy like a paper but not too stiff like a board. I just Googled and printed a t-shirt pattern then traced with a pencil and cut it out in a blue cartolina. Then I cut 3/”4 inch strips of red cartolina and pasted them on the blue shirt. I looked for a free FC Barcelona font and calculated the font size needed for the letters to fit in the shirt and be visible enough from afar by trial-printing on a paper. Once I got the perfect font size, I printed all the letters needed in shadow or outline format (so as not to waste ink!), traced and cut it in a yellow cartolina then pasted in the center of the shirt.


Birthday banner handcrafted with love 🙂

Of course, the FCB-themed birthday would not be complete without a cake! So more than a week before Joey’s birthday, I contacted my ever-trusted cake supplier, Nadine of Swirls N Sprinkles Bakeshop to bake an FCB jersey cake. She is also the one who made the Big Boy’s Cars cake for his 2nd birthday and the Little Princess’ Sofia the First 1st birthday cake. (I’ll post them, too as well as the DIYs I did on my kids’ birthday parties. When? Let’s find out. Hehe!). She executes very well the design I have in mind for all the cakes that I ordered and they all tasted good because they were not too sweet — you can actually eat a lot without getting easily satiated. The price is also very friendly. It is one of the most affordable amongst the bakers I have canvassed prices from. She also responds very quickly via email or SMS which is important for me especially when I have clarifications re my order. I’ll continue to be a constant client and I’ll actually recommend her to my relatives and friends. 🙂


Barca cake! Daddy J loved it! And the kids, too with the Big Boy pestering me to cut it already even if his daddy was not yet home. 😀

To save time and effort in cleaning utensils after the party, I just bought some paper plates (P80 for the 8-pc square one, P60 for the 8-pc round one), paper cups (P55 for the striped, P45 for the solid colored, both 8 pcs), paper straws (P100 for 60pcs) and table napkins (P60 for 24pcs), all in FCB color or football theme, from Celebrations Party Central located at the 4/F Fashion Hall of SM Megamall. Oh, I love that place! A newfound haven for small-party-lovers-and-DIY-ers like me (apart from Divisoria which is quite far from our place)! 🙂 The wooden spoons and forks I bought from SM Hypermart for P72 each pack. I put the straws and the spoons and forks in mason jars and styled them a bit with a red bakers twine which I also got from Celebrations Party Central for P60 for 15 yards. Bakers twine is a must for parties! 🙂


Good thing we also have red, blue and yellow plates and bowls at home which I bought for the Big Boy’s Superman themed 1st birthday party. That’s where we put all the food that we prepared — grilled pork, fried shrimp, fried lumpia, tacos, pasta and assorted fruits like kiwi, papaya and honey dew. And oh, to make it more healthy and (to add some more reds in the whole party theme 🙂 ), we prepared talbos ng kamote juice, the recipe of which I learned from Velvet Roxas, the lecturer at the Tamang Kain seminar that I attended last week (I’ll also post about that seminar where I learned a lot. 🙂 ). Just a quick how-to on the preparation of talbos ng kamote juice: you will need 1.) violet talbos ng kamote, 2.) calamansi and 3.) honey. There was no exact measurement of the ingredients given, you will just estimate the amount and prepare according to your liking.

  1. Boil the talbos ng kamote then remove the talbos. Leave the juice.
  2. Squeeze some calamansi.
  3. Add honey.


Going back to the party, the Big Boy and the Little Princess should absolutely have a major part so I dressed them up in Messi jerseys. 🙂 Notice that the yellow jersey is too big on A because it belongs to her Kuya. 😀 Daddy J changed into his FCB jersey, too to match the kids. I was also planning on wearing his yellow jersey to match A but I found out it was already in the laundry. Therefore, OP (out of place) me. 😀


I actually wanted to put some red, blue and yellow balloons on the chairs and make some tiny flags or pom poms from crepe papers but I didn’t have time anymore. I was also not able to create a large FCB logo on a blue and red backdrop to be placed above the “goal”. But I  think the set up already made a nice Barca theme even if I failed to include other details. What do you think? 🙂

All the time, effort and sleepless nights for making this FC Barcelona party to reality paid off because the birthday boy loved it and it’s all that matters. 🙂


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