30 Prayers For My Husband Who Turned 30

Somebody bid his 20s goodbye. Yes, Joey turned 30 last Tuesday! 🙂 He was out of the country for a work conference in Las Vegas and visted a friend in Houston last week and fortunately, he was able to come back home on the day of his birthday and celebrate even a few hours left of his special day with us. I fetched him at the airport and good thing the kids were still awake when we arrived at around 10:30pm.

We just had a simple celebration at home, just like how we, especially Joey wanted it to be. Actually, we also thought of having a bigger celebration with our families and friends but just decided to keep it intimate and to save on cost. To make his birthday more memorable, I, being the default “party planner and stylist” at home, executed a simple FC Barcelona themed party for my loving husband. I’ll discuss the details of the celebration particularly the decor in a separate post.


So as Joey enters his “thirtyhood”, I’d like to thank the good Lord for all the blessings He has showered upon him. Likewise, I’d like to say 30 prayers for him (wooo, that’s a lot! :D) as he continues his journey of being 30. With a heart seeking the Lord, I pray that:

  1. He will have a personal relationship with Jesus.
  2. God will be his top priority in life.
  3. He will read and meditate the Bible.
  4. He will always pray.
  5. He will put his trust in the Lord in all aspects of his life.
  6. He will always wake up with a thankful heart for each new day that God allows him to experience His goodness.
  7. He will be a blessing to other people.
  8. He will share his blessings in whatever way to others.
  9. God will give him the strength and wisdom to lead our family physically, financially, emotionally and the most important, spiritually.
  10. God will bless him with good health to lead and take care of our family.
  11. He will make sure we nurture our relationship as husband and wife.
  12. He will keep on being a sweet and caring husband to me. 🙂
  13. He will learn to extend his patience on me especially when we are shopping. 🙂
  14. He will continue to support me in all the things that I would like to do according to the will of the Lord.
  15. He will keep on being a loving and responsible father to Joshua and Aia.
  16. He will continue to always make quantity time for me, Joshua and Aia.
  17. He will never get tired of taking on some mommy roles like bathing the kids and cleaning their poop. 🙂
  18. He will continue to spark laughters from the kids by playing horsey-horsey with them. 🙂
  19. He will be a good example or role model to our kids.
  20. He will practice positive biblical discipline on our kids.
  21. He will fulfill his dreams.
  22. He will excel and do his best at work.
  23. He will work hard to provide for our family.
  24. He will maintain having a positive outlook in life.
  25. He will uphold integrity and will not compromise his convictions.
  26. He will be a man of wisdom and understanding with fear in the Lord.
  27. He will have a humble, teachable heart before the Lord.
  28. The Lord will guard his heart against temptations.
  29. He will be able to lead and handle our finances wisely.
  30. He will discover and live his God-given purpose.

Happy 30th birthday, Daddy! I love you! 🙂

*Some of the prayer items were inspired by Revive our Hearts: 31 Days of Praying for your Husband. I wanna take this 31-Day challenge, too. 🙂


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