A Bloggin’ Momma

Several years back during my single days, I started a blog because it was a budding trend at that time along with Friendster (oh no, I’m giving away my age!  😀  ) and I wanted to try what the fad was all about. I found the thought of an online journal weird at first because you are short of sharing to the whole wide world the things that you would usually keep to yourself through a tangible diary. Nevertheless, I gave it a try and found myself giving away bits and pieces of me to people I may or may not know for almost 4 years.

However, I wasn’t a good blogger slash story-teller. I was not so confident with my writing skills because to be honest, up until now, I don’t consider myself a good writer. I’m a mood writer (is there such a term? Oh well, I’m coining it now. 🙂 ) who needs that particular “it” moment to be able to write sensibly which rarely comes. 😀 Also, more importantly, a huge part of me didn’t want to reveal so much about what I thought and felt at the time because of the fear of being confronted and judged by other people. You know, QLC. And so, I ended up writing twitter-like posts most of the time. Or survey posts. Or song lyrics which I used to communicate what I felt. Thus, a boring blog. So I just decided to stop blogging.

Five years later, here I am again in the blogging sphere, making an attempt to open up myself once again to people who mostly probably I barely know and barely know me. But this time it’s different. I’m an all new person now — a wife, a mom of two and a working mom at that who God taught how to become selfless and to show unconditional love through the gift of marriage and motherhood. And I’m blogging now for a purpose: to share and hopefully inspire other people with the things I’ve learned about life, my faith and walk with the Lord, marriage, motherhood, family life and everything in between.

With the little time I have in my hand being a working but hands-on mom to my kids plus wifey duties, I’ll try my best to make time for this little virtual world of mine. 🙂 Of course, my family is my priority so I may set aside blog posts or updates once in a while when my “Super Mom” duties call for it. But hopefully, I’d be able to keep up. 😉

Let’s get this blog rollin’! 🙂


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